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Okay, so this is twice in one day I'm posting pointers to articles elsewhere on the net. But I've got a good reason for this one, because it's one of mine. Here's my article on WiTricity, which hopefully has a good stab at explaining what all the buzz is about (a) without breaking the explanation of the underlying science too much, while (b) not going into too much detail.

Anyway. I'm going to get through a day's work and then to a hen party, having just brought a pram in on the ferry. I love my life :)

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:) I do enjoy seeing my name in print. I quite liked the article, too, and the research was interesting, although the actual paper lost me on the maths pretty damn early. (Maths has never been my strong point. I tripped up somewhere on the large step between GCSE to A level, and never really caught up again.)

Luckily in this case the engineering and social aspects are pretty much as important as the actual method, so I still had quite a lot to write about...

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