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Photos and Kathmandu

On the ferry the other day I saw a poster for a "Photo of the Day" exhibition at the Create Centre, which is about five minutes away from my flat. I headed there last night, and it was rather groovy. This is a local collection of photographers all doing the one-photo-per-day-for-a-year thing, although the rules have apparently rather mutated over the couple of years they've been doing it.

When I say "local", I mean very local, too. It didn't take me long to work out that one of them even lives in the same street as me. And the reason the photo was on the ferry is that one of them works on the boats, too, and I bumped into several of the ferry crew that I knew.

It was interesting to see what people from the same area as me take photos of. There were some on the wall where I've taken _exactly_ the same photo, which is interesting, but there were surprisingly few of those, considering we must pass many of the same things each day.

Anyway. Website here.

Did that with my friend Nicki, and, erm, her friend Nicki (the observation that Nickis were on a buy-one-get-one-free offer got me a clip around there ear.) After the exhibition we went to the Kathmandu restaurant on Colston Street, which turned out to be a little gem, really nice atmosphere and very good food, so I'll be going there again.

And that's it for my oh-bloody-hell-I-really-should-update-LJ-guilt-assuasion today :)
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