Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Musical Meme

Meme, as prompted by christiffer:

Put all your mp3s into Winamp/whatever and randomise them. Tell me the next 20 tracks you get. No cheating - be honest :)

Mine, from 4,779 tracks in my iTunes collection. I'm actually pretty happy with this as a representative sample of my music:

Plan 9 Channel 7The Damned
Diddy Wah DiddyLydia Lunch
We Hate the KidsThe Indelicates
On The Turning AwayPink Floyd
Plague of Ghosts: i) Old HauntsFish
I Feel AlrightThe Damned
KrupaApollo 440
Sleep TogetherGarbage
Chelsea MondayMarillion
Truth, Rest Your HeadGene
The hut of Baba Yaga (2)Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Who The Fuck?PJ Harvey
G-I BlueLydia Lunch
America Is Not the WorldMorrissey
Cindy Of A Thousand LivesBilly Bragg
LennyStevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Red AlertLydia Lunch
TorchesWebb Sisters
Mourning SunFields of the Nephilim

PS: I'd also like to say how much I love Apple software; I just guessed that if you highlighted the tracks on the screen in iTunes and and copied and pasted into TextEdit, you'd end up with all the details of the tracks as text. And it worked. Smart.
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