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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Vase (rubbish), x1

Vase (rubbish), x1
Originally uploaded by gothick_matt
This vase was in the Debenhams sale. It was a bargain, or so I thought. It looks good, anyway. The only thing they didn't tell me was... It doesn't hold water.

Yup. One non-waterproof ceramic vase. It's not got a hole in it, as far as I can tell, it's just porous, which isn't exactly useful when it comes to keeping flowers alive and not marking tabletops.

I hadn't really thought to ask, "is it waterproof?" when I was buying it.

I guess "made in China" just doesn't mean what it used to, when it comes to vases.

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It's a bit difficult to tell the size of this from the photo... Get a squash or lemonade bottle and cut the top off. Slide it inside and vola... a working vase that still looks nice :-) Just take care when filling it up...

Ta; I shall keep an eye out for appropriate containers. Irritatingly, one arrived yesterday which would be the perfect size -- but it's going to take me quite some time to burn through a litre of lamp oil!

Looks like a brolly stand to me... Can you just put a plain pint glass inside it?

Except Martine's pop bottle idea is along same lines but BETTER!

That depends whether I have a pint glass that fits, because I don't have a bottle... Will hunt tomorrow.

Yeah, you can't really tell the scale from the photo, can you? It's only about a foot tall.

Er...put dried flowers in it.

The bonus being they look pretty and last AGES and you don't have to look after them.

Well maybe dust them once a year or so.

Ah, but the nice fresh flower smell is half the experience for me...

Well just buy another (waterproof) vase and put fresh flowers in that...


I had the same thing recently. I bought a ceramic bowl style plant pot, it had a hole in the bottom so I bought the matching glazed saucer thingy that was on the shelf next to the bowl. I get it home only to find a label saying "not waterproof". I ask you what is the point of a saucer to go under the bowl to catch excess water when its not water proof!?

Its particularly annoying as the plant I instaled in the pot is a venus flytrap and to keep them in the required moistness, you have to stand the pot in about a centimetre of water. Admittedly its not like the water gushess through the saucer but its enough to mark non waterproof things it might be stood on.

I ask you what is the point of a saucer to go under the bowl to catch excess water when its not water proof!?

Well, indeed. That is, in fact, something even more pointless than a non-watertight vase, which takes some beating. Mind you, at least yours actually _had_ the "not waterproof" label on it. If I hadn't noticed the small pool of water around the bottom of the vase the day after, it could've done some serious damage to my new chest of drawers. Grr.

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