Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Mucking about on the water

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Today was a much-needed (and very deliberately taken) day off for me. I haven't really stopped for a couple of weeks, what with the wedding last weekend.

So, today I have mostly just wandered around the harbourside, taking some pictures when I can be bothered. I had lunch on the Grain Barge, I watched some water skiing and some yachting and generally chilled out.

About the most exciting thing I did was taking the cross-harbour ferry over to the marina so I could nip into the local chandlery and buy a couple of things for my upcoming sailing holiday. (I didn't buy any actual chandles, just some snorkelling kit :) )

And that's pretty much my day. I may watch Mirrormask now, I may not.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to check out Bristol Uni's newly re-sited botanical gardens, then I'm going to go see Hal and Rowly for lunch at the rather spiffing Three Crowns. They do the kind of lunch that could see me through until Tuesday. Mmm.

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