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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Short Shameful Confession

Like I said, I bought a snorkel & mask on Saturday. That's not the short, shameful confession, though. The short, shameful confession is that I'm still feeling tempted to have a bath instead of a shower today, so I can try them out.

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Hehe do you have suitable bath toys to make this an intersting dive? At least a toy boat and/or Rubber duck is recommended. :-)

From the start of this thread of thought, I've had an image of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon that I vaguely remember, which ended with Calvin in the bath in his snorkel and mask, with the bath entirely filled with bath toys :)

LOL, I really want to see the pics of you in the bath with a snorkel & mask on... go on you know you want to :)

I didn't make it to the bath. But you did prompt me to take a picture, at least! Could come in handy for those "I'm out of my depth" LJ comments :)

Note to self: Get snorkel and mask out of attic.

Note to self 2: Shave beard.

Does it interfere with the mask? Mine seems to stay pretty watertight (or at least airtight) with what little beard I've got...

This morning part 2 of my snorkelling gear arrived, which was one of those funky underwater camera bags :)

It did with mine. Causes seawater to get up the nose. ree_'s not happy about it though.

Lack of beard unhappiness was mentioned last week (can't remember the context though)

Hmm. Will bring a razor just in case :)

Try it in the bath? I would!

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