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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Version 2.0 will have a little pulley system for raising and lowering the bottle, so I don't have to stand on a chair to fill it up.

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Too much time because you built it or too much time because you not only blogged it but produced a cartoon to illustrate it?

Or just too much time altogether...

I bought an 'Alan Titchmarsh' backed kit (although there are many others out there) for 15 quid that was thin black tubing with lots of ends and connectors which let me connect up to my outdoor tap and waters 12 hanging baskets, 4 pots and two raised beds by the turn of a tap. I added a 20 quid b&q automatic tap-turner-oner as well and now I don't have to do anything and it all magically doesn't die.

I sadly failed to illustrate the process in a cartoon though. *&)

Heh. It was actually only an hour of work in total, and I'd already determined that my brain wasn't up to doing anything more complicated today :) And the cartoon was the easiest way to tell the story (gotta love that Comic Life goodness!)

If I ever actually get around to having an outside tap put in, then I'll be able to irrigate my entire back garden with that Alan Titchmarsh kit and have hoses to spare...

Ingenious. Both the watering solution and the cartoon. If it had been me I'd have bought one of those long arm thingies for my hose to make reaching up a doddle.

Ah, the problem wasn't so much the reaching as that the little buggers are even better than hanging baskets at stoically not absorbing water and having it just run immediately off the surface, so I had to stand there for ages very carefully controlling the hose...

One useful trick is to have a permanent tube into the compost, and water direct into that - the water is absorbed straight away and doesn't run off the surface.

That's a smart idea. I might have to adapt a few of my already-potted plants...

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