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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

It's pay day!

...and I just brought home my luxury purchase for the month: my very first Moleskine notebook. Yum.

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^__^ I get their day-to-a-page diary every year. Love them. Tough as you like.


You need to have a good pen and the paper has to take the ink well. Personally the writing experience is damaged by writing on paper that does not take the ink well or doesn't have a smooth feel as the pen glides over it.
Also you need a good fountain pen. Personally I use one of all metal Frontiers from Parker. Avoid the cheap all plastic ones as they just don't feel right in the hand.
I know it sounds sad but I've got back into using a fountain pen in the last 7 years and I look forward to writing in my log book for work.
I have no idea about the Moleskin paper but the paper used in the Black'n'Red notebooks seems to be consistently good.

Moleskines have lovely paper. Also, this is specifically for international travel involving a danger of falling in the water (All together now! "He's fallen in the water!"), so I'll probably be using a good ballpoint (X-pen) because I don't want to risk my fountain pens :)

When not travelling, for the ultimate sensual writing experience I use (the astonishing) Clairefontaine Rhodia pads with a Sheaffer "white dot" fountain. In fact, I was doing a photoshoot with them for a web site redesign the other day, although it turned out I didn't have enough light to get decent shots. But here, have one of those shiny new .Mac iPhoto web gallery things. Just excuse the white balance :)

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