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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Well, I'd hoped to have a really good set of pictures of the sailing holiday, but as it is, the SD card that died on me on Friday morning seems to be very, very dead, to the extent that I can't even read a single bit from the raw device, let alone mount the bugger.

I've got some nice ones from the last couple of days, but it's rather a shame, because I've lost several really fun ones. Feh.

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That's such a shame, there were some great ones on there. Can you take it somewhere to mend?

There are certainly places that profess to recover files from dead flash cards. When I was looking for a HD rescuer, all I could find for a while were people doing flash cards instead!

Did you notice anyone who particularly stuck in your mind? I'm having trouble telling who are the good ones and who are the ones who'll just run a "recover deleted files" over the media (which would work in 99% of cases, I'm sure, but this card is very definitely in the 1% of "actual proper hardware fault".)

Shall stick to film, I think

Yes, it's a bit more difficult to destroy. On t'other hand, on pretty much any other type of holiday, I'd have been taking end-of-day backups to a laptop...

...oh, and I guess if you're really serious, you buy something like this...

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