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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


I think I'm in love

That is all.

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Have you bought them yet? I am being tempted by these at the minute, but I did all my serious boot buying last year and don't really need any more this year.

I haven't. Hang on a minute. Right, I have now :) Hopefully they'll fit; I'm an 8 1/2, and mostly 8s fit me, but sometimes it's the 9 that does the trick...

Those look rather cool, but I know what you mean. I have rather too many shoes (well, for a straight bloke, anyway), but I don't have much in the way of boots for the winter, and these are so funky looking...

You can never have too many shoes! Straight bloke or not. Shoes can be worn for years, whatever your waist size, so they are 'good investments'.

This is entirely true. But don't let me justify it too easily, or my already out-of-control internet spending habits may quadruple :)


New Shoes

Doesn't do them justice, though. And they'll look better when they've had some proper wear to go with the fake wear :)

Nice boots! Hope they're as comfy on as they look.

I caved in today and gave into the lure of 15% off at Boden. In a silly number of weeks the turquoise long cord coat I have lusted after will be mine. If I'd ordered it when the lust started I'd have it by now, but I'd have missed out on the discount and free delivery. Guess them's the breaks.

They were a perfect fit, and comfortable as soon as I had them on. Life is good :)

Mmm. Long cord coats. I also have a bit of a coat problem, to go with my shoes problem, and I don't really have the space in my little flat for all the coats I've already got. Maybe it's time for a clear-out...

Oohhh... The instantly comfortable footwear feeling! How did you resist immediately ordering a pair in evrey colour?

Maybe it's time for a clear-out...

I do continual small clear-outs these days, instead of the weekend-eating, skip-requiring once or twice a year clear-outs. The little and often approach feels less painful :) I do a wardrobe check if I buy a new jumper, to see if there are old jumpers that won't be worn again and put them in the charity shop bag in the spare room. However this approach is foiled when you encounter an old, scruffy well-loved item.

Hmm. I'd been developing a reasonable habit of doing regular minor clear-outs, but it seems to have ground to a halt. Still, I did finally get around to taking a lot of stuff to a charity shop last weekend, so now would be a good time to re-start filling up the hallway again...

Oh, and as for how I resisted immediately ordering a pair in every colour -- they only sell them in black, so I already have :)

I know I'm a bloke and an Engineer But..

don't these look like a pair of boots that have been well used, flogged around the backend of a Porshe while steaming down a runway ???
I guess the well used look is the latest inthing, like having your Calvin Klines and most of your arse hanging out the backend of your denims.
Sorry I had to get up at very silly o'clock and feeling very middle aged.
Wasn't the Radio 4 thing last night good :)

Re: I know I'm a bloke and an Engineer But..

I think the old and battered look has been around for ever, or at least back into the 1960s when people started deliberately wearing bleached and torn blue jeans. I don't think there's been any big recent trends in that direction, but then I don't pay a lot of attention to fashion, apart from wishing some of the new ones would go away (Girls! Pedal pushers just look silly, okay? And boys? André's right, we don't need to see your arse. You're just encouraging a fashion rebellion that'll have us all dressed like bloody Victorians again...)

What thing on Radio 4? I went to bed early to recover from the gig on Sunday...

Re: I know I'm a bloke and an Engineer But..

Ahhhhh Radio 4 is now 40 years Old. There was a discussion about what Radio 4 stands for and what it has done and then at 9pm there was "This is Your Life " spoof with Stephen Fry. I think I got alll of the references including Sandy :).
It was a treat and set me off to sleep pleasantly. I had to get up at 5am to go to work thus the early night !

Well, I hovered over the link, saw 'shoe' and briefly thought "why has ree_ got gothick_matt's picture?"


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