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Curse the intarwebs!

...and all their ease-of-shopping. No sooner had adronus mentioned that his new track may be reticent1 of Richard Barbieri, than I was reading Barbieri's Wikipedia article and got reminded that most everyone in Japan re-formed to produce an album as Rain Tree Crow, which I keep on meaning to buy.

Then I stupidly managed to find out somehow (I must've sneezed on the keyboard, or something) that it's available DRM-free on the iTunes store (thank you EMI) and now it's downloading, and my bank account is eight quid lighter. And I'm still in my dressing gown, finishing my first coffee of the day.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love record shops, and the ability to do actual physical browsing is super, and the staff are often very cool and friendly and helpful. But these days, when you already know what you want, it's just too easy to spend money before you've brushed your teeth in the morning.

1EDIT: See? Told you I was writing early in the morning. Excuse my malapromisms :)

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