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Random Catchup Stuff

On Monday, I told t'boss that I didn't want to work on my current project any more. Those of you who have heard me talking about it over the last couple of years will probably think this has come about a year too late, and I probably wouldn't disagree. It's definitely been grinding me down and generally depressing me, and I think I put up with it for too long.

Still, hopefully it'll over for me soon; I've got a planned exit time of "mid-November". If the rest of the project's anything to go by, that may mean Christmas. Bear in mind that I found one of the original project plans while clearing out my old email last Friday -- an email sent in January 2006, with the end of the project planned for July 2006. Last Friday was also the day they announced a further project delay which would put the bit of the project our bit is dependant on back until next year some time...

I don't quite feel like I've had a weight lifted from my shoulders yet, but that may come about next week, if I'm lucky, as I'm starting Alexander Technique lessons. Ex-colleague Chris said his posture really improved after he took them, and he ended up an inch taller, which is quite impressive, so when I saw a flyer for lunchtime lessons in a place five minutes from work, I jumped at the chance. I'm not sure I need to grow an extra inch (oo-er missus) but my posture could definitely do with sorting out.

Oh, and in house-related news, I think I have at last found a source of energy-saving lightbulbs that work with normal dimmer switches, thanks to the latest news letter from Nigel's Eco Store, which has so far been a consistently groovy and friendly shopping experience for me.

Shame I didn't remember to buy some normal incandescent bulbs for the kitchen today, though; I'll be making my coffee in complete gloom again tomorrow morning...

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