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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Day off

Originally uploaded by gothick_matt
Today I shall mostly be waiting in for the electricity people. I may try to do a bit of music, or something, too.

My main worry is that I might not have done enough to prepare for the electricity people. If I've not understood what's needed, then they may just turn up, laugh, and go away again, charging us a few hundred quid in the process...

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That's not the typical musician's set-up at ALL, is it?
You know I keep hearing about you writing and recording stuff, and you obviously have Garageband pulled up there; but I never hear any samples.
Aside from your little video on Youtube, I've not heard anything.
Care to share the wealth?

I haven't written anything for ages and ages. Mostly I just fiddle around with the guitar these days, as I have done for twenty years; it's my default way of relaxing. I've gone through occasional phases where I write a few songs, and I sometimes record cover versions (often of Dylan), but it's not something I've gotten around to for a very long time.

I've recently dusted off all the gear and tried to get to grips with Garageband (not too difficult, I used to use Cakewalk/Sonar Pro so mostly I just find that there are features missing here and there) and I seem to have something that may or may not be an original song on the way at the moment. I've just been using Garageband as a notebook for it, really. Whether that arrives or not, I do feel like I want to record something soon, and when I do I'll probably post it.

You may well find, as often happens, that despite me playing with a bass and a keyboard and a tambourine and an electric guitar and garageband, that what turns up is just me and an acoustic guitar all recorded in one take. I think all the toys are often just distractions and procrastination tools for me. I should probably trade them all in and buy a four-track.

Here, have some Dylan while you're waiting for something original. I don't remember posting this one before, but stop me if you've heard it :) Of course, now I've dug it out I want to re-do the vocals and sort out the timing a bit, but I shall resist temptation...

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