Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson


I'd just like to say that I completely love Wikipedia. You wouldn't find this in the Britannica (from the entry for Ironic (song))

"However, it can’t really be said that it is ironic that Morissette made an incorrect usage of the word ‘malapropism,’ (which is a different though similar sounding word of inappropriate meaning; Morissette’s ‘irony’ is simply used incorrectly) as it is merely yet another instance of Morissette using a word incorrectly. One might, however, perhaps refer to this incorrect usage of ‘malapropism’ as Morissettian irony. If a situation eventuated where a set of words, such as ‘ironic’ and ‘malapropism,’ required the qualification of being termed ‘Morissettian’ in order to attain an unambiguous meaning, neither would this be truly ironic (perhaps instead being best described as gratuitous); although once again one might rightfully refer to it as an example of ‘Morissettian irony’, producing a somewhat recursive end result."

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