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happy bunny, happy


This lunchtime, I have mostly been playing with Mac OS X Leopard's most important new feature: the ability to put fake backgrounds into video chats.




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I'd been holding off installing, waiting for G to find any bugs for me, but I think you just sold it *&)

I've had a slightly mixed experience, but I think that's mostly because I've hacked about with my systems so much in unexpected and non-Apple approved ways. Fundamentally, though, even with a plain "upgrade", virtually everything worked, and the install was pretty smooth. Any remaining problems on the MacBook appear to have disappeared after an "Archive and Install" style install, which seems to have kept all my user account stuff, applications and settings. I'm sure there will be the odd thing that won't work until I reinstall it, but I've not found anything yet.

As for the video backgrounds, I had problems at home in low light, yesterday evening (the colour of my walls may not help.) At work, in good light, it worked pretty much like Uncle Steve said it would in his Keynote :) Everyone was quite impressed. I also took a photo the office, so I could use it as a backdrop at home *grin*

I installed mine on the day it came out. Concerned that my Administration privileges had been removed for my account and also recently only found out that the Firewall was not re-enabled !
Otherwise it seems fine and I look forward to getting into Xcode 3 :)
I had to re-install BOINC which was a pain but I hadn't lost any of the work units thank god !

Hmmm. Bites of your lovely bald dome seem to be missing. Colour me slightly less impressed. ;)

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