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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Someone has keyed the back of my lovely little Mini.

I really should learn to put a few hundred quid aside at the beginning of each year. Call it a "Bristol Tax". Feh.

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Nope... I prefer to call it the Asshole Tax = insurance. Anyone with even vaguely nice stuff that you can't get into a safety deposit box while you haven't got your full attention on it has to pay this, ie. cars, houses, stuff inside your house, stuff in your garage, etc. It's an unfortunate fact of life that has to be paid in full, it's just amazing that there isn't an asshole clause in the policies to cover this type of thing without it pushing up your premium.

Rant Over :)

The good news is that unlike my last insurers (Elephant, who I moved away from because my experience of claiming with them was so dire) the RAC are off to a damn fine start. They answered their claims line within a couple of rings after a refreshingly short push-2-for-claims-etc. experience, and a nice woman called Kath sorted me out with an appointment to book my car into a place that will apparently take it of my hands, give me a courtesy car there and then, and sort it all out for me. All this at ten o'clock on a Sunday night, without filling in a form. If they keep this level of service up, they'll have a customer for life...

The other nice news is that my excess is only £120, and I've got full protected no-claims -- and bearing in mind I'm averaging one claim a decade up to this point, my chances of keeping it protected are pretty good...

It's really depressing that you only find out the quality of your insurance company when you have to make a claim isn't it? Still, glad the RAC are looking after you :)

When ever the subect of time travel is covered in a film book or pub related discussion, its always the same tedious theme of betting on known out comes for profit or averting wars etc. For me the first thing I would do would be to travel back in time to intercept numerous acts of vandalism and dispatch said vandals with a swift hammer to the skull. Weeding out such human filth from the gene pool would rapidly lead to a golden age of human social development I reckon.

Were it not for such intellectually stunted people holding back humanity, we'd all flying space ships to work at the Beer and Sex factories on the moon by now. (Well thats my vision of a Utopian society at least)

You didn't happen to read quite a lot of Robert A Heinlein when you were young, did you? :)

Grrr that kind of mindless vandalism makes me soooo cross.
One of the reasons we've stuck with Admiral is that we've had a good experience when we've had to claim a few times (a number of malicious damage incidents and hitting a deer on the A40). They probably aren't as good as some in terms of courtesy car (we don't know, we've never needed one) but the fact that we've never had to quibble is a strong positive. Plus I managed to negotiate a really big drop in price this year so they were the cheapest option as well!

I'll bear that in mind if the RAC have problems living up to their initially promising start...

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