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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

£219 linux-based subminiature notebook...

I've gotta say, it looks like a fab idea.

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I *REALLY* wish you hadn't shown me that. It looks great for the price.


Might have to wait for the 8 gig version though.

I wanted one of these a year or so ago. I guess the market's just caught up with me.

Oh well, I've got the MacBook now and I'm very happy with it.

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And if you get one in black, they'll think you're a mac user who's paid the stupidity tax on the expensive black MacBook... You just can't win, you know.

Anyway, it's been scientifically proven that Mac users are 27.2% more hip and 12.8% more intelligent than... erm... vanilla BSD users, anyway.

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With multimedia stuff that doesn't work, a very slow desktop, and no pressure sensing on your Wacom tablet, in my experience. But then, that's why I ended up with OSX in the first place. For the things that I spend my time doing, it definitely has the highest Just Fscking Works to Needs Fscking Fiddling With ratio of all the OSes I've tried, and I've tried a few more than your average user...

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Different needs, is all. I love Linux, and I'm the kind of person who actually enjoys recompiling a kernel. I just got to a point where I needed to take a break from that stuff and actually get non-techy stuff done, which is easier for me on a Mac, for what I do. As part of that, I made a conscious decision to accept most of the default behavious and live with them, and it's that mindset as much as anything else that's probably keeping me happy.

I'll probably go back to Linux at some point, but for sheer ease of doing stuff like cutting videos together, or having hardware work when you plug it in, whatever, OS X works for me at the moment. And it's also _beautiful_, in terms of graphics and font rendering. Virtually any website looks much prettier in Safari on OSX than it does anywhere else, which isn't something I'd have thought would make a difference for me, but going back to Windows or Linux just makes the world seem like an uglier place.

As for the menubar at the top, I'm afraid I have to disagree. My experience bears out the expected Fitt's Law results; I'm faster and hit the wrong thing far less often on a Mac than on Windows. It probably helps that my menubar is on a 17" widescreen, and also (because of the aforementioned mindset) that I've organised my way of working to cope with only the one menubar, with the less-interactive stuff on my the second screen.

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Oooooh! Someone's edited a comment in my LJ for the first time. Lah-di-dah...

One of the things that site is most spectacularly lacking is the slightest hint of where you can buy one from.

You've got to wonder if their business model can be even remotely successful if selling them is so not a priority...

I could see me using one of these for out and about - everyday on client site for example where I have no access to personal email, unblocked internet or internet chat capabilities. To actually be useful though it would have to be able to make use of 3G/HSDPA either by bluetooth or USB dongle. I'm guessing that's not something they've done yet, but when they do that will rock and I will have a pink one.

I might get a pink one anyway - assuming I work out how to

Well, eBuyer seem to have them in stock... Not the pink, though, by the looks of it.

Ah -- to be slightly fair to them, I received the link in a marketing mail which _also_ pointed at uk.asus.com, which has a prominent "Where to Buy" section; I'm guessing the eeepc site is more of a hype-before-it's-released microsite thingy.

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