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Neutral Day

Meh. Not a bad day; did some mucking around with my Macs to get them ready for a bit of learning about web design. Then wandered into town, took a couple of photos, had a coffee and went to my Alexander Technique lesson.

A wander back up the hill, lunch at Boston Tea Party, a quick visit to Bristol Museum to check out an exhibition of photographs about climate change. Couple more photos. A hot chocolate at Coffee #1 in Clifton Village, where I did quick first drafts of two more articles for this second set of ten I'm doing for the book (quick because they're on subjects I've already covered for web articles, so I didn't need to do too much research.)

Then a quick jaunt to my acupuncturist to get stuck with needles (seems to be doing some good, but I'm not sure how much of that is the acupuncture and how much is the excellent massage which precedes it...)

Then home, to try a recipe I overheard the last time I was at my acupuncturist (a very quick & simple take-sardines-in-olive-oil, fry in own oil with pine nuts, add random stuff, serve with spaghetti.) Nice. Now I'm watching an episode of House that I've seen before, then I might start learning stuff about WordPress.

On the down side, it's been raining in a very dull way all day, and I've been feeling a bit metaphorically under the weather the last couple of days, too. Hopefully it won't turn into any kind of full-blown illness for my week off... Like I said: meh.

(Incidentally, I wonder if I'm going to get another anonymous comment in my LJ pointing me at an Alexander Technique website now I've mentioned it again... Someone seems to be doing a Kibo.)

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