Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Plan for today

Right. Have had nice hot bath and followed my lemsip with an espresso chaser. Now feeling ready to do stuff. I'm not going to plan to do too much today, as I'm guessing my energy levels won't be high, so:

  • Go through one of the GIMP tutorials from the Meet the Gimp podcast. I'm trying to get good with the GIMP because it's so handy for both web design and photography (and because I can't afford Photoshop.)

  • Research HDTV for the last article in this second batch of ten I'm writing. This is an interesting one, because I've never seen an HDTV, as far as I know. I've still got a big ol' tube TV, and I'm not even planning on advancing to a flat screen unless this one dies.

  • Design a nice menu for a WordPress theme I'm working on (both for my own use and also because it would be good to know how to customise WordPress themes.)

  • Get all the laundry done.

That'll probably be enough goals for a day of illness.
Tags: gimp, illness, wordpress, writing

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