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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Ugh. I'm completely knackered, and I've not done anything. Still, I suppose I am a bit ill (though better than yesterday) and the point of being on holiday is not to worry if you don't do much. I had a bash at that last article and it came out rather incoherent, but at least I've written some words.

Angel 1

Anyway. Can you tell I'm tired? Ramble ramble incoherence. I think I may go and lie down, and maybe read a book on Cascading Style Sheets and see if I fall asleep.

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If you become a CSS god do let me know. it seems the terms of my agreement with my website developers weren't quite the terms I thought we were agreeing....

I think it may take me quite some time to become a CSS god. Becoming good at CSS is one thing, but mostly it seems to be about knowing which useless fscking browsers (FX: Stares hard at Internet Explorer) will break in which weird ways when they see your CSS, and how to hack stuff about so it actually works, rather than is merely perfectly valid. Feh.

I'll be happy to look at specific problems, as I'm getting the knack of working out what's gone wrong, in some cases, but I won't guarantee either success or a lack of swearing :)

Aye; generating 'good' CSS is easy. Generating CSS that works cross browser is trickier. Generating 'good' CSS which works cross browser is a Herculean task...

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