Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

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Oooh, it's a lovely day. Shame the Botanic Gardens here is closed for the winter (they're still rebuilding having moved, so I guess they want some time without people bumbling around ready to fall into freshly-dug holes...)

Maybe I'll just go into town and try to find a few subject I've not taken photos of before. I got a free daytime ferry ticket the other day as a reward for being a regular commuter1, so I could go in on the water and wander...

First, though, I should finish my morning coffee and go have a shower. I like being on holiday :)

1Which is a very formal way of doing it; if you're a very regular commuter then they do have a tendency to "forget" about asking you for money if you nip on during the daytime, with a complicit little nod and a wink :)

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