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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Peep Show

After much encouragement from lots of people I know, and bearing in mind I've liked what Mitchell and Webb I've seen, I finally got around to renting the first season of Peep Show.

And I can't stand it.

It's not that I think it's bad, it's just that it's exactly the kind of "embarrassment comedy" that makes me cringe in sympathy for the characters, and has me reaching to turn down the volume or fast forward through much of it, all whilst trying to stuff my fist in my mouth. It is, for me, literally unwatchable.

Is there something wrong with me, I wonder?

Oh well. At least I know I can't cope with it now.

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I sympathise entirely - i hate 'comedy of embarassment' - i don't find it funny at all.
Stuff like 'the office' or 'the IT crowd' just leaves me cold. I had a very similar experience to you with lots of people telling me to watch 'spaced', so I rented it, and managed 10 minutes of the first epizode. So, you're not alone - although being in a subset of the human population with me may not make you feel any better...

IT Crowd I loved, because there was more to the comedy than embarrassment. Certainly in S1. And I enjoyed Spaced too. But The Office I hated.

I've only caught the occasional episode of Peep Show, and it's the kind of embarrassment comedy I'm not keen on. Also it's been on late at night and I don't do late.

I also loved The IT Crowd (new series confirmed, by the way), although it was always going to be compared to Father Ted in my mind, and therefore likely to be found somewhat wanting.

The geek in me loves the fact that they did the techy stuff right, even to the extent of hiring Cory Doctorow as a technical adviser, and having the subtitles for the episodes on the Season 1 DVD available not just in English, but also in L33T, ROT13 and base64!

And thank you, folks, for reassuring me that I'm not in a minority of one when it comes to embarrassment comedy and also when it comes to The Office...

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m3 2 on the embarrassment thing, there is so much like that I just can't bear to watch. I was getting twitchy at something pretty marginal the other night and I can't think what it was now.

Along with most people who've responded so far though, I wouldn't include the IT Crowd in there. They just do it so well. It will tick along being a little funny and then they'll just get something so utterly spot on that I'll not stop laughing sufficiently to breathe for the rest of the episode.

Richmond clinging to the ceiling. Nuff said.

Denholm calmly and matter-of-factly hopping out of the window when the auditors turn up to discuss financial irregularities.

The soviet-russian-esque smoking camps *&)

Emailing the Fire Service when there was a fire in the office...

"'To whom it may concern...' No, no, too formal. Erm..."

Can't stand it either. Felt like I was out on my own when everyone on the planet seemed to think Office the best thing ever.
Instead of laughing it just makes me CRINGE.

I know what you mean, I found it quite uncomfortable to watch, to start with, but then I got into it. The same happened with The Office, which I didn't like the first time I saw it, but which I persevered with after so many people recommended it to me.

I think the problem I usually have with this sort of embarrassment comedy is that I'm used to feeling some sympathy for the characters, so I end up sharing in their pain when things go progressively more wrong for them. This happened with Peep Show until I consciously switched the sympathy off - I'm nothing like any of the characters, so there's no reason I should try to empathise with them or feel awkward or embarrassed on their behalf. I found myself thinking "Oh my god, what would I do if I found myself in that situation?" but the answer I came up with was "I would never have got into that situation in the first place, because I would never have made any of the increasingly deranged and amoral decisions that led there, and anyone who did probably deserves whatever surreal, awkward or unpleasant things that happen to them."

Hmm. Maybe I'll have to give switching off the sympathy more of a try. I've got this DVD until tomorrow, anyway, and I do like Mitchell and Webb in many other things, so perhaps... Then again, I also find that if I _don't_ have sympathy for the characters, then there's not enough connection to make it worthwhile watching.

Heh. Maybe I'll just take it back and get Black Books out again.

Ah, now, there's a treat, Black Books.
Took that on holiday with us. The out-takes were fab.

I can't stand embarassment commedy so much that I can't even watch reality TV, where to my mind the whole aim of the programme/editing is the humiliation of contestants... not my thing at all. So yes, I'm with you to an extent. I watched the IT Crowd and loved it, can't watch Ricky Gervais ever and think that Noel Fielding is a complete god and am currently getting into the new series of The Mighty Boosh :) Never even seen Peep Show as even the ads on TV left me cold so never bothered. Black Books... now you're talking!

Although I've never seen Peep Show (none of the trailers ever looked interesting) I know what you mean. Some scenes in otherwise funny shows make me want to leave the room until they are over, and sometimes I do just that.

This is not my problem with The Office though, I just can't remember ever seeing a clip or trailer that was funny despite all the hype. We did make an effort to watch the second series of Extras as many people raved about that too, but the funny bits in that were few and far between and more often than not came from the guest stars, so we gave up half way through.

But we also love IT Crowd and Black Books.

It just goes to show no matter how many things you agree on, you will eventually find something you don't.

I thought Stephen Marchant was funnier than Ricky Gervais in Extras - is that just me?

I think there are just too many things that we *know* we want to watch, we don't have the time or inclination to invest in things we might eventually find funny if we manage to sit through several hours of it first.

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