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CSS, Blogging and Career Musings

Despite feeling rougher than Clint Eastwood's stubble, I seem to have successfully customised a blog to my satisfaction, learning a fair bit about WordPress and CSS on the way. That'll probably come in handy at some point. It's not perfect, but it's good enough for now, and I can sort the wrinkles out as I go along.

As predicted, it works fine in every browser except for a minor annoyance in Internet Explorer. If I had a time machine, I would dress up as a grue and go back and scare the IE development team into following the fscking standards; this would probably move the web along by a year or two in an instant, having retrospectively saved millions of wasted man-hours, and probably prevented the suicides of some of our more sensitive web designers. It would also save some trees; I estimate the phrase "except in Internet Explorer, where..." accounts for around about 16% of the printed area of every HTML/CSS book ever published.

Not too sure what I'm actually going to do with the customised blog I've created; it was more an exercise in geekery than something with a practical end in mind.

Previously it was a place to witter on (mostly to myself) about my taking up meditation again, and about getting my arse in gear and getting writing. I think it may end up as a place where I throw articles that I want to write but don't have an outlet for -- LJ is all well and good, but I want to keep this a more personal presence (and I doubt many of my flist has much interest in how to put together Quartz Composer packages or other Mac-related techno-burble...)

I find myself wondering more often about dropping out of my current career and retraining in web design. The technical side of that kind of re-education shouldn't cause me too much of a problem, and I seem to enjoy the creative side of it, and want to get better at it.

I can't help but think I'd be happier doing that kind of thing than working for an insurance company, which is never going to require that much creativity.

Hmm. Really, I think I just want to be a famous blogger who puts his own site together and earns enough to live on. But I'll probably have to kill Cory Doctorow first, as the world surely can't sustain that many of us yet.
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