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Christmas gift suggestion -- but not for me!

Just in case any of you have a 10+ child1 to buy for this Christmas, might I suggest the Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine kit (picture here?)

I saw one in Borders after work today, and it's exactly the kind of thing I'd've loved when I was the age of the kid on the front of the box, so if you're stuck for a pressie for that child n your life who likes taking things apart, and your price range is around 25 quid...

1I'd just say "boy", but I don't want to degrade into gender stereotyping.

ETA: And yes, this means I've started my Christmas shopping. I won't be buying many pressies, as one Christmas present I want to give myself this year is a lack of panic and worry and last-minute angst and shopping in claustrophobic crowds...

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