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Question for Cross-Stitchers

I know there's a couple of cross-stitchers on my flist. Any ideas as to a good Christmas present for my stepmum -- a fairly accomplished cross-stitcher? (She makes and sells her own patterns -- this is not a plug, I just want to give you some idea of her level!)

Anything unusual either kit- or gadget-wise that she may not have come across would be cool -- or just a link to a pattern site where I could browse for something appropriate? What are all the kool kidz stitching now?


ETA: Having looked around myself a bit, I just tripped over Subversive Cross Stitch, which is very funky, and -- fairly amazingly for a cross stitch site -- might just be bordering on Not Work Safe at some uptight places, so be warned! Probably not good for my stepmum, but if I were a cross stitcher, I might be tempted :)

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