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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

House (,MD)

Things you want to do but that are probably a bad idea #3047: Wearing an "Everybody Lies" T-shirt when you go to see your doctor.

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I didn't chance it, in the end. It probably would have gone over/under his head anyway; he doesn't strike me as the type of doctor who makes much time for TV medical dramas :)

Shame. House is Brilliant.

House is fantastic, it has spurred many of my most outrageous blog entries, including the fondling of Nun's breasts !
I am so IN NEED to find this tshirt of which you speak, it would be so cool to wear it at the Doctors, mainly as I go rarely I have no fear.

Ok Only a true fan will know where he lives :)

Heh. I made mine iron-on, as a joke. Of course, I've never been particularly influenced by Greg House. As for where he lives, I'm familiar with the house number, at least :)

Excellent ! I shall now have to go and get one made up immediately !
I like the photograph. I am seriously thinking of getting a picture of James Beckett or James Bonfield like that, I think Mr. Beckett might just have the edge as to the look a like :).

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