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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


It seems I have the opportunity to get a CostCo membership without going to the bother of starting my own business -- I seem to remember there's a couple of you folks who shop there? Am I right? Is it worth it?

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Assuming there is one near you, mind *&)

Bet you can't spend less than £100 in there for your visits in the first year.

... and then you'll work out you won't need to shop for shampoo or toilet roll again until 2014

Hmm. This probably assumes you have at least a house, if not a Big House. Maybe even an actual cupboard...

Yes. I thought someone other than perdita_fysh should respond...

We go at least once a month. I got my Nintendo DS far cheaper than in the shops and it's not unusual to get DVDs and CDs at a good price. Bulk-buying is ridiculously easy - as mentioned, we get a good 6 months' loo rolls at a time. oldbloke likes the fact that one year's membership is roughly the discount on a pair of 501s, so once he's bought his annual pair we're ahead of the game.

Hmm. Liking it on the electronics front, but I'm not sure the whole "buying in bulk" thing is working for me -- I have nowhere to store 6 months' worth of loo roll, or much else, really. I suppose for things that are well-sealed in plastic I could probably work something out with the "cellar storage area" (read: "damp cave") that I've got...

Ahhh! I thought I was seeing things... you're on Tiggsybabes friend list as well! How do you know Gothick and Anna? I've known Matt for too many years in RL and have known Anna for a few years via here as we were on the same forum for a while... I'm officially spooked now :)

How do I also say this... oh I know... YES

As well as toilet rolls there are batteries for all those remotes, coke (the drink obviously), tins of tomatoes, washing powder tablets, shampoo, spices, rice, yummy 1/2 chinese duck (frozen), superb pizza's for gatherings(but make sure you can fit them in your oven :-) )... etc etc etc Some stuff will go into a freezer, some stuff will be quite happy in a damp cave... just be selective but it is worth it.

Definitely. If you do have space it's good for bulk buys - bog rol, tissues etc. If not, great for party food (it's where we get most of our stuff for our annual BBQ), can be really good for books, general food, confectionary (tubs of wine gums are a particular favourite), certain frozen food line, household items, electrical, batteries, glasses, contacts, photo printing etc etc.

Sometime I find a supermarket multibuy is better value, but that requires regular visits to the supermarket, which many don't have time to do (and I'm just strange).

If you're not sure, why not visit with another person first. In your area I know Greg & Ed are members. If you're near Reading or London, I don't mind meeting up with you to take you round. Always happy to have a mooch in Costco...

plus once a member you can use at any Costco store in the world

I looks like they're actually coming to the office and trying to woo us with cakes and drinks on Monday and telling us a little about the place1, so I'll see if that give me enough info to make the decision. Or if their cakes are good enough :)

1I have a feeling this may have come about as part of a "we'll do your health insurance for x% less if you let us give all our staff CostCo memberships" deal, but I'm not sure.

I think they're generally on a drive to riase membership levels. We had them come into us and they signed up over 100 employees. Hopefully, they even give you a goody bag for joining (worth about a fiver with bit & bobs in. Nothing to write home about but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick). I think that could justify that expense rather than a discount off membership which was what I was after;-)

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