Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Shopping and wildlife

Nipped out to do a bit of Christmas shopping today, which didn't go quite as badly as I'd expected. Although I'm not sure he's going to like those slippers. Erm.

Anyway. I also noticed that it was the opening day of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at Bristol Museum. Apart from being very crowded -- ironically, it was stuffed full of people who'd wanted to take five minutes out from the crowds of shoppers -- it was fab. I normally try to pick two or three favourites from exhibitions, but there were so many good photos/photos I liked that I gave up after my list got to about six or seven.

I shall go back later on -- it's open until 13th January -- at some point when there aren't quite so many people around. I normally manage to squeeze stuff like this in after work, because if I get in early I can leave at 4pm, so I can get to most things on Park Street before (a) the thronging masses descend, and (b) they close.

So, yes, recommended for anyone visiting Bristol in the next few weeks.

Incidentally, Googling around the exhibition, I tripped over the Digital Photography and the Natural World podcast, which I figured might be of some interest to certain members of my flist...

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