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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


Originally uploaded by gothick_matt
Continuing today's theme of marketing rants -- look! This dental floss is actually molecular! That must mean it's made out of actual molecules! Who'd've thought we'd have the technology to do something like that this early in the 21st century?

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Don't even get me started on all the adverts for shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers that use pseudo-scientific gobbledegook to suggest that they've invented some amazing technology that will miraculously transform your locks or skin in a way no ordinary product could do!


It might be a monofilament ?


If it was a monofilament I'd expect vastly more marketing hype and pseudoscientific verbiage. I'm sure it's merely advertising bullshit.

Remember the old adage: Never attribute to science that which can be adequately explained by deceitful marketing.

I had a rant a while back about a certain skin cream that had "Specially selected Zinc" I mean Zinc is an element, it is pure Zinc no more no less. Its not like you have Peruvian Zinc, Italian Zinc or African Zinc for goodness sakes, so what exactly are they "Specially Selecting".

My other gripe is the inclusion of ingredients for the sake of sounding fancy. Shampoo with pearl protien or face cream with extract of ginger. For all we know, Pearl protien might destroy hair folicles and ginger extract might stain and prematurely age skin. Just because its a "Natural Ingredient" doesnt mean its actually beneficial. Cobra venom is a natural ingredient but I wouldnt suggest you wash your hair with it.

Cobra venom is a natural ingredient but I wouldnt suggest you wash your hair with it.

Hush! If Proctor and Gamble hear you, we're all going to have be be a _lot_ more careful about closing our eyes when we shampoo!

I always wondered at the standard ingredient in shampoos and shower gels: Sodium Laureth Sulphate... now I know my chemistry isn't that great, but I think the Laureth means it's an extract of Laurel. Is this related to the commonly known Laurel (the cherry Laurel) or to the Bay Laurel? The leaves of the former are highly poisonous, as they contain cyanide...

Maybe someone with more knowledge can elucidate?

As I read the end of your post, I though a slight reword was in order:

"No one would have believed that in the early days of the twenty first century that this world would have the technology to produce molecular floss. As men busied themselves about their various concerns, they could rest safe in the knowledge that their teeth were sparkling clean because of DenTek Molecular Silk Floss!"

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