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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

In Two Minds

Hmm. I'm quite tired, and still recovering from travelling, really. Should I go to a party tomorrow (the most likely one being quite a long journey away) or spend a couple of days recovering quietly and preparing for the year to come? Hmm.

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Par-tay. Natch.

If you stay at home to rest you are conceding that you are old.

Old? I've never exactly been a par-tay animal, even when I was young, you know...

You are TOO a party animal. A gentle, huggy, smiley, fun furry pet kind of party animal!

To partay or not to partay that is the question. I was supposed to be going to Cardiff and now I'm not so I will probably stay in and eat cheese. It also gives me an opportunity to apologise to my liver for recent booze sodden adventures...
Hope you have a fine NYE, whatever you do...

Hmm. I would stay in and eat cheese, but that's what I did last night :)

I think I shall stay in and not eat cheese. I shall, however, do a bit of a review of my year, and make plans (or at least plan to make plans) to figure out what I want to do with next year, and how I'm going to do it. This will probably involve a lot more writing than I've done this year, plus probably (a) learning more web design, (b) getting better at Greek, and (c) erm -- well, some other stuff. If I figure it all out now, I won't have anything to do later, will I?

I would suggest we meet halfway to limit the travelling and spend New Year together, but I'm afraid that that would (a) mean that we've fallen prey to the social stereotype that says that spending New Year alone is verboten, and (b) involve spending New Year's Eve at Swindon railway station, neither of which appeals very much *grin*.

A chilled out evening and a review of the year sounds like a fine plan. I may do something similar. Plus, I think my liver needs an evening off! I'm also planning to eat some cake and listen to the big pile of CDs that I just bought. Hurrah...

Hope you have a good evening...

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