Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Today's Starbucks Exit Line

"Five pounds exactly," she said, taking my proffered note. "That's a nice round figure."
"That's a very personal observation," I said, sniffily, turning away. I didn't look back, but I got the laugh.

That was on the way back from The Mall1. I went out to buy a proper electric coffee grinder (burr, not blade) this morning. I combined some vouchers I got as a pressie from my old team at work with the John Lewis sale and therefore only contributed £20 of my own actual money. This is good, as I've been wanting a really good grinder for ages.

But what is it with the sale crowds? I mean, all the people look so completely depressed. They were out in their thousands -- I got to The Mall before eleven, and the first three car parks there were already full -- and as far as I remember, it's not actually compulsory to go to the January sales yet, so you've got to assume everyone wanted to be there, but they sure didn't look it...

Anyway. I think I've decided to stay at home this evening. I can't face hours of travelling today, and then hours of travelling back tomorrow. I've spent too long travelling in the last week, including many hours on motorways, and more than 18 hours spent simply hanging around at airports. What I really want is to chill out, maybe watch a film, and perhaps read a nice book, and wake up in my own bed without having to go anywhere tomorrow.

If that makes me seem elderly, then so be it.

1For those of you that don't know Bristol, The Mall is the hugely imaginative name given to the big out-of-town shopping centre.


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