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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Another Saturday, Another Hangover

But there are two good things about this hangover. Firstly, it's quite mild, and secondly, this week, I didn't have to go to the optician first thing in the morning and have lights shone into my eyes and my contacts prodded about.

I did go to the optician, as it happens, but only at about midday, and only to pick up six months' supply of contact lenses, because the trial ones turned out to work pretty damn' well once the left one had been changed for a different shape.

Hangover was from the company quiz night last night, which was fun.

So. Now all I have to do is to work off the calories from five pints of beer and the fish & chips I just had to have on the way home, and everything'll be fine. Hmm. Oh! And also the calories from the "identify the ice cream" round, which gets my award for "most splendid quiz round idea ever."

Good news is that the dermatitis has been clearing up since I started on the actual proper antibiotics (i.e. the pills rather than the streroid+antibiotic cream.) Don't know if it's coincidence or not, as it often goes away of its own accord, but hey, let's complete the course and see what happens.

And yes, I know antibiotics and alcohol don't normally mix, but I did read the label very carefully, and it just said to be careful if you were driving or operating heavy machinery. It says a lot more about avoiding milk when you're on them than it does about avoiding alcohol, which is odd.

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Man, it must be something in the weather. Jon and I were pretty hungover this morning, too. We had to get up early so I could go pick up my kitty from the vet and he had to go to a class. Up at 6 after a night of drinking and sex until midnight or so is *not* fun. :P


Well, I'll have to take your word for it on the sex thing; it's been so long I've forgotten what that's like...

Today for hangover recover I have mostly been watching undemanding TV: Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, etc. Basically, if it's got "star" in the name somewhere, I've been watching it. That plus litres of apple juice and nice organic food to pump some fluid & vitamins back into my system.

I'm glad I didn't have anything planned for today!

Nothing planned days are so wonderful aren't they?

This from Kavey who woke up late after dragging early-rising husband back to bed for a few hours, watched an old episode of Stargate over breakfast (the one where they go back in time to the 1969 hippy time) and then sat in the bath reading travel magazines for nearly 3 hours.


I kinda remember the sex, but I was pretty drunk. Five beers will do that to a person. :P

I had to get up and get the kitty. Blah, 6am SUCKS BALLS! When I got up, I felt like I had to puke, but I *hate* doing so, so I fought it off and thought I would be ok. Got on the road and *really* felt like I was going to be sick, but somehow fought it off and it went away. I would have stopped, too, but I was in the middle of a bunch of highway interchanges, and you can't just pull over there unless you're dying...which I wasn't. :P

On the way home, I stopped to fill up Jon's gas tank, because $10 worth now is better than $40 worth later. I got two bottles of water and some Gardetto''s a really salty snack food thing that actually has some substance to it. I really wanted a bagel or some hard bread, but the gas station didn't have anything even remotely healthy or stable seeming. I hate that...


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