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Today I'm trying a new experiment. One of my problems at this time of year is that I tend to keep up the holiday eating even when the holiday is over. To combat that this year, today I have filled the house with fruit and veg, and intend eating nothing but fresh, raw fruit and veg. I'm not limiting myself beyond that, and I'm still drinking coffee (although the one brewing at the moment is decaf.)

And boy, am I ever jonesing. Even as I fill myself with bananas and mandarins, there's a significant bit of me that wants to head out to the nearest café and eat large slices of cheesecake. It reminds me of the first day or so of giving up smoking. I'm guessing it's some kind of carbohydrate withdrawal1.

I think this is probably a good sign, on the whole. If I can get over the hopefully-brief withdrawal symptoms, I may be able to reset my appetites for the new year.

1Probably not helped in the least by spending Christmas in Crete, land of nice bread and fine pastry and lots of Christmas biscuits.


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