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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Down wid da kidz

I am so street. I just bought my first hoodie.

I can't wait to be banned from a shopping centre.

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I can't wait to be banned from a shopping centre.
I happen to be a member of a society of people interested in academic robes. When that particular news story broke, there was idle (and nonserious) talk of organising a visit to the shopping centre in question (Bluewater?), just to see what the management's reaction would be to twenty mostly harmless eccentrics turning up en masse and marching through the place wearing a variety of gowns and hoods.

Indeed. And those of us wearing bonnets can make best use of our camouflage by hiding in the upholstery and cushion section of the nearest department store.

ha, ha.

Actually, you've made my day, I've had hoodies for years - I never knew I was street, innit!

Oops, forgot I was on J's laptop

just don't let it be Burberry !
If it is then I will have to go all Gothic on you !

Actually, I think I'd stop you entering a pub if you looked like that... it looks nothing like you!

Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!

Is it the new spooky kind with the pastic eye bits on it as well? They're really creepy... Bret has one that's the full face version with a hockey mask design on it to look like Jason Vorhees from Friday 13th movies.. all very scary on a Christmas Day!

Okay, obviously I'm not so down wid' da kidz as I thought. I'll have to look out for them for my next purchase :)

I used to have band hoodies - but now i've gone all kewl and i have one emblazoned with the Marshall amplification logo.

You need to get another few. Then your laundry pile would be a Marshall stack.

Excellent - you can now go and hug a Tory. (Very funny review of the year's cartoons in one of the UK papers...)

I saw one in Dublin which has 'Narita International Airport Tokyo' and the character for 'power' on it, which was so amusing I got it immediately.

Hooded tops (which I've had since the eighties) are actually pretty sensible. They keep your head and neck warm on cold, draughty days.

I'm looking forward to being warmer. But don't I have to wear a baseball cap before I put the hood up?

Yesterday the thing that fell off Rebecca's clothes pile first was a velour sweat suit (inherited, not bought specifically, I may add). The top is a hoodie and she then insisted on wearing her baseball cap too. With the addition of her new light-up trainers she looked like a true Essex girl and Lakeside's worst nightmare....

Please tell me you got a photo! I bet she looked really sweet.

You can take the DNA out of Essex,
But you can't take Essex out of the DNA :)

Edited at 2008-01-06 12:36 pm (UTC)

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