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A day of books

It's been a very book-based day for me. This was unplanned, although I did nip out with the vague intention of buying a pamphlet, at least -- the Slave Trade Trail around central Bristol walking route. This should make for an interesting urban walk, and can be turned into a nice circular walk starting and ending at my flat. I may try it either tomorrow, or next weekend, depending on the weather/my energy levels.

But while I was in Bristol Museum, picking up a copy, I noticed that they had How to Cartoon or Caricature Anyone on sale at £1.99, and seeing as I've done a bit of drawing recently and was wondering about caricature, that seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

Then I wandered down to my favourite café and had a fab chicken and avocado salad, while flipping through a library book about writing humour, and tried to come up with a couple of article ideas.

By the time I left, it was raining pretty hard, so I decided to stop in Borders for a bit and do a bit of browsing. Mistake. Borders have a sale on. So, I also picked up Hacking Digital Cameras, which looks amazing, if a little scary -- I may wait until I get another camera before I start taking my little one apart and retro-fitting handmade external shutter releases. Still on the hacking theme, I also napped a copy of Google Hacks, which I'd been wanting for a while. Those were £3.99 each, less than half the price you can pick them up for on Amazon, let alone in Borders. Result.

Coming home, what do I find on my doorstep but a package from Amazon! But no, this ended my literature-related run, as it wasn't a book. It was, however, exceptionally welcome, as it was a late Christmas present from my parents. It's the Ultimate Collection DVD box set of The Prisoner! Hurrah! I used to have all of them on video, but I dumped most of my videos to make way for DVDs and still hadn't got around to gritting my teeth and paying the fairly hefty price for replacing this television masterpiece.

And that's been my day, really. I may write something resembling an article tonight, for a bit of practice, but mostly I'm going to be taking it easy and flicking through some of today's acquisitions. And maybe watching an episode of The Prisoner or two.

This blog entry was brought to you by the cataloguing and Amazon-linking prowess of Delicious Library and the number 6.

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