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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


I have just finished a tasty, healthy, yet challenging breakfast. So tell me, O LJ, what's the best way to eat a grapefruit?
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I don't tend to eat grapefruit, just drink their juice. But I have seen grapefruit spoons in some kitchenware catalogues.

Cut a small hole in one end, dig out some of the innards, fill with Vodka or whiskey or somthing (maybe a bit of sugar too), put in fridge for a few days then open drain, drink and eat. I'd never eat one "Au Natural" first thing in the morning any more than I would buy an alarm clock that had a "Vigorous Slapping" function in place of the more traditional "Beep".

Whereas I think I'd be quite in favour of an alarm clock which had a "Vigorous Slapping" function. It would probably save me money on coffee, at least.

Put the grapefruit on the table.
Take a sharp knife and a spoon.
Get a melon, cut the melon in half with the knife, and scoop out the seeds from the centre of the melon.
Cut the remaining flesh of the melon into segments.
Eat the flesh of the melon off the rind with the spoon, don't eat the rind.
Give the grapefruit to someone else.

... horrible things, possibly the worst breakfast anyone commonly eats.

I agree with this sentiment. :P


*giggle* I do quite like them. Maybe I've just been lucky with the last couple I've tried, as I do seem to remember sharing your opinion of them when I was growing up.

I slice them in half across the middle (not the ends) and scoop out the resulting half segments using a dessert spoon (actually easier than a teaspoon or grapefruit spoon). My sister in law can deftly peel and segment one into whole segments though in an outstanding way, which is definitely nicer and easier to eat but not something I'm capable of myself.

Ah! I shall try with a dessert spoon next time; that's an idea that won't cost me anything to try (saving the risk of losing an eye, I guess.

Someone at work pointed me towards Lakeland for grapefruit spoons earlier on, and we noticed they sell a grapefruit segmenter, which is on special at the moment. Luckily, I am now at the stage of life where I can recognise kitchen unitaskers and resist, safe in the certain knowledge that if I do buy them, I'll find them at the back of a cupboard in five years' time and wonder what they hell they ary...

My mother eats half a grapefruit every single morning of her life, and does me half a grapefruit when I'm visiting her (which occasionally leads to angsty conversations when I forget to eat it or say I don't want it, because she can't understand the idea of enjoying something but not being particularly bothered if you don't have it). She cuts them in half and then uses a sharp knife to cut round the edge towards the bottom (in a cone, though she used to use a curved knife so the shape was more of a hemisphere). She then cuts between each segment of fruit and the pith. I don't find that very much more convenient than just eating them the way Claire says. My Kiwi relatives just used to cut them into segments as you would an orange (sixths or eigths through the ends).

I shall have to experiment with a knife next time -- that might have the simple advantage that it'll feel more like preparation than eating, so I'll tend to do it in the kitchen, standing up with my eyes well away from it, rather than sitting down in the lounge, with the thing near eyes/soft furnishings/LCD screens, etc...

Cut in half, sprinkle with some kind of brown sugar and shove under a hot grill for a bit. Eat, using one of those curved knife things.

Mmmm. Now that sounds like a nice change. And I must put demerara on my shopping list for other reasons, too, so that's a timely reminder, ta.

Using a sharp knife, pare back the thick skin and pith without damaging the segments, then eat as an orange.

I will try this, though still not sure about the whole sharp-knife/pre-coffee combination.

Take your grapefruit, and trade it for a nice slice of Marmite-y toast with someone insane enough to enjoy eating it.

Is that insane for eating the grapefruit or the Matmite-y toast? Both are vile and should be banned!

I like both, but I can't really keep bread in the house without eating it at a rate that's bad for my waistline. I noticed the other day that the lovely coffee shop near work does DIY toast, though, so I may be indulging every now and again...

Grapefruit are the work of the Devil and should be avoided at all costs...

Failing that if you feel you must consume one I recommend a full overall type set up with a 3/4 face mask leaving only your mouth exposed :)

Well, I do have the mask...

Edited at 2008-01-07 08:12 pm (UTC)

Well, I'd go with the slice in half, use a sharp knife to slice the segments and around the pith.
Meantime put some nice bread into the toaster while the coffee waits in the Bodum. It's not a weekday breakfast, its a weekend breakfast because you want to take your time.

I find it difficult to make much of a personal effort for weekend breakfasts, with so many fab cafés nearby :) Does sound like a nice idea in principle, though...

I also can't stand them (although I can take a couple of segments mixed into a fruit salad). My family used to treat me as a pariah for this opinion, so it's refreshing to see so many people agree with me.

But then, I routinely eat Weetabix for breakfast, so who am I to judge?

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