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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

London, baby

Just back from seeing Monkey Swallows the Universe play one of their last gigs before going "on hiatus", whatever that means, dammit *mutter*. They were fab. Went along with miss_mcq, and a good time was had by all. They closed with Ice Cream Man and Jimmy, which couldn't have pleased me more, and did stonking versions of several numbers, including Martin and Sheffield Shanty. Cool as fuck. Oh, and the support, Champion Kickboxer, were good enough for us to want to buy an EP each.

Note to self, and anyone else who might be in Shepherd's Bush for a gig at Bush Hall: the restaurant just down on the other side of the road, the Nepalese Tandoori (that's actually its name) does good food and is really friendly.

Anyway. It's nearly 1am, so I'm off to bed now, but if anyone fancies maybe meeting for lunch in London tomorrow before I head back, I can hang around; am currently in Pimlico.

ETA: Now off for breakfast probably followed by the Tate Modern :)

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I would love to but have horrible lurgie. So not only am I not up to it, I would not want to pass it on to yourself.

Oh, you poor thing. Would've been good to catch up. Never mind, I shall head for Tate Modern instead, I've been wanting a nose around since their last re-org.

Oddly enough, on Wednesday, when we assumed we'd surely be better by today, we were talking of heading down to the Tate Modern today as well! Oh well!

Well, I loved it; I liked it a lot the last time, and this time there was more of my kind of art. It was worth it for the Turbine Hall alone, I thought, which I'll probably be blogging a few photos later today or tomorrow :) Am at Paddington now, and hoping for a better experience on the way back than I had on the way here; those floods yesterday caused such chaos that by the time I got to Temple Meads to start my journey there was already a BBC crew on the platform filming for the news. That's never a good sign...

I was really disappointed to hear MSTU were splitting (which is basically what "on hiatus" means, unfortunately). "Little Polveir" was probably the song I listened to most last year.

Yeah, I'd gathered it was a split, but I'm trying to live in denial here :) I was on tenterhooks last night as the trains were so screwed that there was a chance I wouldn't make it, and I reckoned it was probably my last chance to see them play.

Nat's recent stuff has been interesting, from the little I've heard so far (she's on MySpace under either Nat Johnson or Judy Beat, I think, and has just put out a few tracks but I've not had enough time to give them a proper listen yet...)

Science was the first track of theirs I heard (Last night: "Is Richard Dawkins in the audience? No? Good..."), and I played it over and over again. Then I fell in love with Martin (ahem) and I was lost, really. I would have loved to have heard the "difficult third album". Sigh.

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