Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Mountains and Aches

I'm writing this in a chalet in La Plagne, which is pretty fab. It's the end of my first day's snowboarding for this holiday, and it went pretty well. A lot of things came back to me fairly fast, and I think I ended the day somewhere near the level of competence I got to on the last trip.

On the other hand, my competence was fine, but I certainly ran out of energy. We went out with a guide from the company running the chalet, and it was good, but it was probably just a little more than I should have done on the first day. It wasn't so much that I crashed a couple of times on the way back to the chalet, more that I just plain collapsed :)

Still, had a bit of a lie down, and the bruises don't feel too bad, and the aches are about the same level as normal, and I haven't managed to do my knee in, so definitely a success.

Nobody seems to have knackered themselves too badly, although Arry managed to fall on his radio and may have done something unpleasant to his rib. Still, pretty much a win, I reckon.

There's aren't any intarnets here, so I'm just going to save these up and probably release them as a flood, if I can be bothered to write enough for a flood :)

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