Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson


Not that owwie, but a bit owwie. I managed to wrench my ankle a couple of times yesterday, mostly when getting off lifts badly (I"m not that bad at getting off lifts, but I tend to go to pieces a bit when there are people in the way that I might run over if I don't stop in time.)

I went out for a couple of test runs this morning, and there was no way I was going to survive the day; being on toe-side just hurt like hell, and my turning was really awkward. So, I've decided to call it a day, head back to the chalet, and chill out. Otherwise I'll probably just hurt myself more.

Ah well. It doesn't feel like there's any long-term damage at all, so I guess I did better injury-wise this year than last year :) I'm definitely getting a lot better at boarding, with no major falls and a lot less falling over in general. I'm more confident, especially when there are other people nearby; a piste no longer looks blocked to me when there's a ski school in front of me, because I'm good enough to aim for the gaps now...

Notes to self for next year:

Board: 160
Feet: 0/15
Boots: Salomon 27.5, but see if you can find something with better heel grip
Helmet: 61
...and get some bloody practice turning and stopping and otherwise manoeuvring with only one binding in, because it's ironic only to injure yourself when getting off a bloody chairlift..

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