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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


I've just spent a while uploading some of my pictures to my ScrapBook galleries. So, if you fancy seeing some arty (i.e. black & white) shots of funky bits of Bristol, or, perhaps more interestingly, seeing me dolled up as Lemmy from Motorhead, then take a look around.

Any problems seeing them, let me know; I think I've set all the security stuff to "public", but I've not used ScrapBook before.

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Ummm, have just tried looking and I can't see anything - it shows the galleries but no pictures in them, it just says "There is nothing to display".

I don't use it so I don't know what's wrong - could Rufus shed any light?

Aha! The galleries had security set to "public", but the individual pictures were set to "all groups" -- which doesn't actually seem to do what I thought.

Should be okay now! Ta for the feedback!

Nice artwork! My meagre attempts pale into insignificance. Mind you, I really wish I'd paid more attention to art at school - I'd probably know a damn sight more about composition & technique for my photography & drawing than I do now... :)

Thanks! I sucked in art at school; this is an interest that came along about ten years later, and I wish I'd paid more attention now, too. But it's surprising how much you can learn in just a few evening classes.

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