Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

What's Wrong With This Picture?

So, several of you recommended Green Superfeet to me after I posted about my sore and over-pronating plates.

After work today, I took my sore feet and walked up Park Street, and then up the length of Whiteladies Road, to Ellis Brigham, a sport shop at the top of Whiteladies which is my nearest dealer.

I paid them £34.99 -- not bad, considering that while some of the internet prices are around the £29 mark, the couple I looked at wanted at least £6 for delivery, which seemed a bit steep. Then I took my shiny new box of green superfeet, and walked all the way back home to Hotwells.

I took out the existing insoles, and luckily the size against the Superfeet looked like an exact match, so I figured I wouldn't need to do any trimming.

Putting the second of the Superfeet in the other shoe, though, I felt that there was something wrong with the fit -- and there was. "D'oh!" I thought, "What a fool. I've put the right superfoot in the left shoe."

I took out the first insole, so I could swap them round. And then spotted my problem.

Yup, in my shiny new box of Superfeet were two identical insoles. Both for the right foot.


So now I can look forward to another trip up Whiteladies Road to return them. I think I'll check to see if I've got a matching pair before I leave the shop this time. And maybe, just maybe... I'll drive.

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