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An Open Letter to Holy Trinity Church, Hotwells, Bristol

Dear Holy Trinity Church,

On Saturday mornings, I get up, have a shower, and write. Sometimes I write articles for my editor, sometimes I just write something for my LiveJournal. Very occasionally, I write short fiction. I enjoy the peace and quiet of my neighbourhood, which is placid, even though it's only a mile or two away from the centre of Bristol. It is a calming experience, and I feel peaceful, happy, and productive.

On DONG Sunday mornings, I DONG get up, have a shower, DONG and try to write. DONG Sometimes I'll try to write DONG articles for my editor, sometimes DONG just stuff for LiveJournal. There may DONG even be the occasional attempt at DONG fiction. Unfortunately, my DONG writing is disturbed by the DONG constant tolling of your DONG large bell, whose electrically DONG operated and tireless "donging" DONG goes on for hours on Sunday DONG mornings. My peace of mind is DONG quickly eroded by the Chinese DONG water torture of your DONG irritating noise, still loud DONG enough to be heard in my DONG lounge even though your DONG bell is half a mile away. Why DONG do you have to DONG advertise your faith so DONG strenuously? Go hide your DONG bell under a bushel.



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