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It's a little green card from another planet!

Today was a bit of an annoying nothingness. Until I got back home, and found something to cheer me up waiting on my doormat. It was green. Very green. And it was airmail. And, the biggest give-away1, it had a SpongeBob SquarePants sticker on the front.

spongebobjess is one of my few LJ friends I don't know in real life, and also one of an even fewer who are on a different continent. I really enjoy the little slices of Minneapolitan life that appear on my friends page. And it's educational; I can point at Minneapolis on a map now, and, more randomly, I even know how to pronounce "Chipotle" :)

Given my little car's disagreement with the large Skoda yesterday, and the fact I've got a job interview at 8:30am tomorrow, and a Greek aural test at 8:30pm tomorrow — by which time I hope my ears have stopped ringing from the airbag detonation — I wasn't exactly in the most cheerful of moods when I got in.

And then I opened Jess's card, which is, in fact, teh definition of "teh cute". Email and LJ and Skype can go hang, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing that beats a handwritten card in the sender's favourite colour with actual handwriting and notes written on the outside of the envelope and AIR MAIL written on it in big red letters :)

So, I now have a big smile on my face and a card on my mantelpiece. Thank you, teh SBj, that was good timing. *HUG*

1Well, apart from the return address, anyway :)


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