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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Helping out

Hmm. It seems I'm having an evening of randomly helping out with blogs. I think I've just fixed Local Girl's Day In Pictures blog after an anguished appeal from the Local Girl herself1. And halfway through that o_my_goodness mentioned that she was using one of my Balloon Fiesta pictures to illustrate her funky-sounding world-improving blog...

I've also just uploaded that blog posting about the science involved in car crashes to the Unlikely Science blog, as my editor said that would be a good place for it. No need to look again if you've already read it (or already ignored it!) as it's a verbatim copy, with just a pretty picture added.


Now I've singlehandedly saved teh blogospheres (all I need is a red cape and a balloon), I shall be getting on with learning about XML and XSL and SVG and other important TLA technology.

1 I can't remember where I originally tripped over this hand-drawn graphical blog, but it was in the back of .net magazine this month, and I think it may have been mentioned on Boing Boing...

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in the back of .net magazine

It's still going? I thought it folded around the time of the dotcom bust.

No idea of its history; I just a copy of it round at saw it around at Pete and Kavey's the other month and was so impressed with the content that I started buying it. Are we perhaps talking about different magazines? The one I'm thinking of is this one...

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