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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

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It's been a busy week. Tonight seems to have become an unintentional night off. I'm not knackered, just feeling a bit like having a slack evening for a change.

One thing I've done tonight is open an package that arrived a couple of days ago I'd been saving for an unpressured moment, to discover that my friend spongebobjess had airmailed me a pair of SpongeBob shoelaces :) Thank you Jess! Now I've just got to figure out which shoes they'd go best with...

Mostly I have been busy at work all day followed by being busy in the evenings. It turned out that the songwriting course got cancelled, but then the Greek course got un-cancelled, and we've now got two lessons a week for the next two weeks to play catchup. This isn't going to leave me much spare time for learning vocab, but it's better than not having lessons at all. Shame about the songwriting, though. Will have to try going for that course again later.

I've also been piddling about more with XML, XSL and PHP, starting to get the very basics of a dynamically-generated website together. As usual, I've been distracted away from the actual content of the website by playing with the cool technology used to present it, but hey, that's a standard geek trait, and I'm sure I'll write some content at some point. Maybe.

In more interesting technology news, I got a mail from Anders, a Swedish student who watched a screencast I made about creating iTunes visualisers. He's making a "music video machine" where the music controls the video as part of his thesis, and he wanted to pick my brains about a technique I used. So, because of a random screencast I made, I've ended up helping someone in a design college in Stockholm make a music video. I love teh Intarnets. I've provided him with just enough info to get some funky effects running from the vocals with the minimum of effort, and he's going to send me a link to the video when it's done. Watch this space :)

Apart from that, I've been to an Alabama 3 gig, which was good fun as usual. Here's a couple of surprisingly good photos taken without flash using my old tiny camera.

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'll be off the net (well, as off the net as I ever get) for the weekend, then I'll have two Greek lessons in a row, so I'll be a bit quiet for a little while again. I'll be reading LJ, though, even if I'm not posting/commenting much...

Right. I'm off to watch my very first hour of TV for the week. I've still not kicked the House habit yet, anyway...

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House is not a mere habit. It's a necessity. Like breathing. And chocolate.

Read my latest post and lay down a tiny bit of wonga. You won't be sorry.

Also, be on Skype sometimes so I can be guitarcalmed gently into the night.

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