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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout

Lenses, baby.

Hmm. So, yet another friend seems to want to sell me a lens. Bloody hell, universe, will you stop doing that?

This one's a "Canon Zoom Lens EF 90 - 300mm 1:4.5-5.6", one of two lenses she's planning on selling now she's moving from an EOS 3000V to something digital and non-Canon.

Is that any good for me? It looks like it'll work with my 400D, and by the sounds of it she's open to offers under a hundred quid, so it could be a fairly cheap way of getting a lot more zoom...

I think I should really head over to the Tips From The Top Floor fora to ask this sort of thing, shouldn't I?

In other news:

"...and a decaf coffee."
"Sure." She turned and shouted over her shoulder, "One Americano, hold the point."

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It's an EF lens, so it'll certainly fit. I would normally direct you to fredmiranda.com, but for the first time ever, they don't seem to have that lens on their reviews!

Looking into it, it doesn't look like Canon sold a lot of them. And that maybe they weren't that wonderful. On the other hand, if I have the chance I might as well try it out for a bit and see what I think it's worth...

if not. it'd definately fit my EOS300V...

Hmmm.... there are so many lenses in the 100-300 range (and this one's close enough to be lumped in with them) that, unless the price is REALLY attractive, it's worth looking into which one would suit you best before deciding.

Better to spend £100 on a lens that is what you want than £80 on one that isn't nearly as good.

Thank you hon, sane and sensible advice as always. And really, I should sit on my hands for a while before buying _another_ lens, I think. Just lens envy from the holiday kicking in, I think :)

PS, I thought this post was about lens babies of which I really think you ought to own one.

It would probably suit me more than a telephoto, wouldn't it? I think I shall start saving my pennies.

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