Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson

Unexpected Funkiness

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So, I wandered out this morning with the vague idea of going around a bit of the harbourside I don't normally visit and taking a few photos with a watery theme. Nice, quiet, serene photos.

I got halfway there, and tripped over an inter-station Fire Brigade exercise, where some of our local boys were playing with some of the toys the Speedwell lads normally keep to themselves (oo-er.) It was the hundred-foot arcs of high-pressure water they were launching from one side of the harbour to the other that attracted my attention. There's a reason our language hasn't developed the phrase, "as subtle as a fireman."

So, that was an unexpected and funky twenty minutes or so. Shame they didn't let me have a go. Then again, I'd probably have drowned.

Apart from that, I've been practising my Greek (read: I've been desperately trying to cram all the vocabulary I should have gradually been learning in the last eight weeks into my head all at once, because I'm crap), and that's about it.

Oh, and andre_powell, where was Dermon Prac born again?

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