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Thea Gig

A most excellent evening at the Fleece in the company of Thea Gilmore, Nigel Stonier, and Fluff, a new member of the crew who plays violin (fiddle? Both, really.)

Lots of good new material from Liejacker. Many old favourites -- some of which were given a beautiful twist by Fluff's presence, including a heartbreakingly good solo in Avalanche and a real extra edge to This Girl Is Taking Bets. And the usual slightly odd audience participation, including the arse-pinching woman and the gentle teasing of Nigel and his astounding twin-harmonica-holder :)

In some ways the gig was slightly subdued -- they only got a couple of people up on stage near the end -- but at least that gave us a couple of those wonderful moments when you realise that something special is going on, those moments when you suddenly realise something's missing and it turns out to be any noise from the audience whatsoever, as Thea has managed to spellbind an entire pubful of people and every single one of them is listening to her and watching her and keeping very, very quiet in a kind of awe.


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