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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


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laptop, geek, MacBook, bursting, breakout


So. Back from Wales. There will be pictures, but for the last couple of days I've just been coasting along in a not-doing-anything frame of mind, so I've not got around to Many Many Things I Should Have Done. I'm about to go to bed nice and early to see if maybe I can summon up some energy for Doing Stuff tomorrow.

In other news, I'll only be doing that if I'm capable of walking. Turns out my foot-ache is, in fact, plantar fasciitis. Ow.

Went to the doctor (turned out to be a locum, rather than the usual one) to talk about several things, including my hurting heel and problems walking around in the mornings, and he took one look, diagnosed plantar fasciitis, and started digging about in cupboards looking for steroids, local anaesthetics and syringes.

Here's the bit that's not for the squeamish: basically, the steroid injection procedure appears to be to stick the needle into the bit of your heel that hurts most, and then gradually inject the lot, all the time stirring the needle around inside to spread the steroid all round the general area. It's a good job I don't mind needles, and am generally quite relaxed about stuff. "You're taking this very stoically," he said. Meh.

Anyway. So, that didn't leave much time for the other stuff I wanted to talk about. I'm going to go back in a couple of weeks, assuming nothing's improved. But who knows, maybe my hurty foot is contributing to my poor sleep, and other things...

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I mind needles, and that did squick me a bit. Still it's got to be better than putting up with pain every time you take a step.


"Obesity, weight gain, jobs that require a lot of walking on hard surfaces, shoes with little or no arch support, and inactivity are associated with the condition."

Now, you have same issue as me in the weight thing - it's HARD to get/ keep it off, I totally know!

But I'm wondering whether it might be worth ditching the baseball boots for a while for shoes with better arch support?

I think it wasn't helped by the elderly walking shoes I pushed rather beyond their natural life over spring -- the corn I got developed at about the same time as my heel started hurting.

Mostly I'm very careful with my shoes -- for anything longer than about a half-mile of walking, including my walk to work and back, you'll find me in decent walking shoes or Asics running shoes (not that I ever run anywhere!) Last week was a minor aberration, because those Converse were brand new; normally I'd only wear them for days that didn't involve much walking.

I think it is definitely another sign that I need to drop some weight off, though. Annoyingly, it's also something that will prevent me from taking the karate back up. Maybe it's time to shop around and find something else to do that doesn't involve such high impact on the feet.

Good to know you're not living in hte Converse... I know you lubs them but they definitely don't offer great arch support.

The weight thing is depressing isn't it? I did so well last year and I just CAN'T find my mojo this year and I don't know why. Where did I PUT it for God's sake?

There are getting to be a whole lot of people on my flist with this condition...

I think you are the 4th diagnosed in the last few months.


I thought I had it a few weeks ago... but the locum I say decided to send me for a referrment as the symptoms I presented were not 'classic'.
Appointment is next week. I really want to sort it out - it's been hurting since March!

Looking at Wikipedia, my symptoms are utterly classic, so I can see why my locum was so happy to go digging around for needles and things; he was so enthusiastic about it that I think he must have been getting bored by seeing cases where he couldn't jab holes in people...

Hmm. From what I read about it on some of the medical sites on t'net - steriod injection was a last resort. I was quite surprised to hear your experience.

(if it asks you to subscribe clear your cookies for the site and don't let it set any more!)

...again recommends conservative treatments before invasive injections.

It's a bit late to worry about now, isn't it? Fundamentally, the doc seemed to know what he was doing; I guess I'll just wait and see whether my problem goes away...

Ha, you know, I've been complaining to Pete recently that my feet hurt, even on days when I've not done much walking...

And now I think about it, because it's summer, I've been wearing the flat green pumps much more often and the Brasher walking boots I usually live in much less.

Perhaps I too need to think more about my shoes. Sigh. I HATE shopping for shoes.

And the whole diet thing.

Since my mum was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, I have been much more careful to buy shoes and sandals with good arch support. I tend to wear Mephisto shoes for work and even have some strappy sandals from them. Mephisto are expensive but once I'd tried them I was hooked.

I also put some green superfeet footbeds in my Brasher boots.


One of the things I adore about my Brasher supalites is that they offer such good support both to the soles of my feet and also my ankles. I started wearing them pretty much daily when the hip pain first flared up and, apart from when it's hot, wear them almost exclusively.

But they aren't really suitable for hot weather so I really need to get some supportive shoes for those days. I'll check out mephistos. I have a nice pair of ecco shoes that I got recently and they are pretty darn comfy but with a slight heel which I don't always feel like wearing.

I have been ummming about the MBT sandals which a friend swears by but I'm not sure and they are an expensive mistake to buy if I don't get on with them.

I like the Denman Street shop best - the owners are really helpful

There is also a Mephisto shop on New Bond Street

I can't wear Brasher boots for work, even in the winter, so Mephisto shoes and sandals are great because they do styles which don't look like walking shoes but are

Thanks, Ruth, much appreciated.

The Brasher supalites, although still clearly walking boots, are all brown leather so they don't look quite as odd to wear to work (given that I wear trousers not skirts and that it's a smart casual environment) as some of their other boot designs. But I know that most people wouldn't choose them as work footwear!

I got a pair of MBTs (runners, not sandals) a year or so ago and they are simply the most comfortable shoes I've ever had for walking... so long as you have a flat and even surface. Any camber and you're fighting to stay upright. Cobblestones are a nightmare as well!

Aah, that's good to know... So best for use in urban environments... THANKS

Damn. Sorry to hear that.

Take care of yourself (even if that does involve very expensive shoes - you can't get new feet, much as I would love to).

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