Matt Gibson (gothick_matt) wrote,
Matt Gibson


Yow. Of course, the reason I've not got on the scales for some time is because I've not wanted to know what they were going to say. Which was a pretty good indicator that there might be some bad news on the way.

Mind you, I think Zen's answer to this would be that the truth can never be bad news. The truth, in this case, being that I'm 16 stone 8.5 lbs (there's a translation table for those of you in places with more sane units at the end.)

Now, that's nowhere near the lightest I've been, but it's nowhere near my heaviest, either, so actually it's not awful.

I think, basically, I'd be a lot healthier, happier and more easily able to buy nice clothes if I headed for about 14 and a half stone, in the first instance. That's a weight I know I'm vaguely comfortable at, at least.

So, I'm going to set my target at 14 stone 8.5 (i.e., exactly 2 stone to lose) and I'm going to head for it in two pushes. My immediate objective is to get to 15 stone 8.5. I'm hoping to get there by the beginning of October, which means I should be taking off about 2 pounds a week. We'll see how realistic that is over the first few weeks, I guess, and I'll adjust as necessary.

Stones & lbslbskg
16st 8.5lbs232.5105.7
15st 8.5lbs218.599.3
14st 8.5lbs204.592.9


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